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Bridgette Abbott, the Bobbi Pike Art Rose, is a 26 year old native of Musgrave Harbour. Bridgette is a graduate of Memorial University with a focus in science in her Primary and Elementary Education degree, and is currently completing a second degree in Special Education. As an avid volunteer, Bridgette has been involved with numerous provincial and local non-profit organizations, such as The Children’s Wish Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Although many of her volunteer capacities involve helping families who are experiencing life altering situations, she also volunteers with places such as Roger’s Television, where she helps with the weekly production of a local television show. With these many involvements come some of Bridgette’s greatest achievements. In 2011, Bridgette received a Provincial URock award from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for her community and provincial contributions. In 2012, Bridgette was also awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal which is a commemorative medal served to honor significant contributions and achievements by Canadians. Bridgette also holds a strong leadership background; during her time at Memorial, she held positions on a number of boards and societies, including the University’s students union, as well as working in Residence Life where she was able to mentor new students as they transitioned from home life to campus life. With both volunteer and leadership qualities, Bridgette was named Miss Newfoundland & Labrador in 2014, and continued to be involved in over 200 volunteer events, charity galas and fundraisers, and community events in which she was able to embrace her love for the province and for those who live within it. During that year, Bridgette advocated a platform for Young Adult Cancer Canada, where she raised over $3,000 and donated 14 inches of her hair, celebrating the ten year anniversary of “Shave for the Brave” by visiting schools and community centres to support youth taking part in the initiative.

Bridgette has a heart for travel; in 2013, she experienced a four month teaching internship in the United Kingdom. She has since backpacked through Europe twice, and plans to explore new parts of the world for missions trips in the near future.
Bridgette currently works as a primary and elementary substitute teacher, and loves the experience. Being able to help mold young minds, inspire, and watch them learn and grow gives her hope for a prosperous Newfoundland and Labrador to come.
Her Irish Heritage originates from County Kilkenny, located in Southeastern Ireland in the province of Leinster, where the “Cuffe” family held a family seat from very ancient times. In the 1802, her ancestors landed themselves in Bona Vista and have since grown families in that area, and across the water in Bonavista North. As well, her ancestry of the “Butler” family is found in the ancient territory of Ormond (now parts of County Kilkenny, Wexford and North Tipperary). Bridgette is excited to experience the opportunity of being a Rose and learning more about her heritage along the way!

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